Concrete Removal Saskatoon

Concrete Removal Saskatoon

Breaking up concrete and disposing of it is not a simple process. The most cost-effective approach is usually to hire a contractor to remove concrete from your property. The amount of money you pay for concrete removal varies based on several factors.

These include:

  • Amount of the concrete to be removed
  • Your location
  • Disposal fee

It’s important to note that you stand to save a significant amount of money if you hire a contractor that can haul your concrete to a recycling site. That’s because you won’t pay a per ton dump fee when you dispose of the concrete at a landfill.


Our Concrete Demolition & Removal Service

Riptide Demolition offers the concrete removal Saskatoon residents and businesses can rely on. In every project, we aim to offer a stress-free solution at the most reasonable price. Our commitment to being a honest, reliable company that provides quality service delivery and satisfaction of every client has made us a trusted experts in any demolition work. Once you hire us for your concrete removal project, we dispose of your concrete and associated waste material in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.
Whether you want us to remove concrete from a residential, industrial, or commercial building, we will do an excellent job. Our concrete removal is reasonably priced and accompanied by 5-stars customer service. Once you choose us for your concrete removal project, you get exceptional value for money and great service.

Concrete Removal from All Sites
Riptide Demolition’s concrete demolition and removal service caters to the needs of the owners of different types of properties and structures. Some of the clients we work with include:

  • Building renovators
  • Homeowners
  • Landscapers
  • Builders

We specialize in the removal of concretes and clean up of worksites. We’re a trusted team of professionals that are committed to having any job done efficiently to leave the site clear of all waste materials.

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